Oxfordshire in autumn

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An autumn walk in Oxfordshire. The trees have not yet reached their colourful peak of golds and reds. The weather can be very changeable, with dull greys skies suddenly turning blue. The rainbow picture shows a rapidly moving heavy shower crossing across a clear sky. Within minutes it had come and gone. The top-right picture is a very grainy image of a deer feeding in a field of tall grass. It had seen me and stood motionless for several minutes as we watched each other silently. As with almost all the photographs in this blog, they were taken on mobile phones. While I’m often amazed at the sheer quality of modern smartphone cameras, their limitations do show in subjects like the deer picture, which I could only get by using the digital zoom, hence the visible artifacts. Still, given the minute size of smartphone cameras, I’m frankly amazed that they are as good as they are.