Research poster

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Copy of Research Posters on Prezi This is an update of a Prezi was produced for students at Coventry University on the MSc Industrial Design and MSc Transport Design Courses. The students were required to produce an A1 sized poster that described their research project, its methodologies, outcomes and how it would be used to feed into their major design project. The presentation itself may be of use to others who are required to create information rich documents and features advice on the creation of inforgraphics and poster layouts as well as links to external sites that are both supportive and critical of infographics.  
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How touching

In the world of computer interfacing, touch screens have been around for yonks. The mass uptake of smartphones and tablets has in no small part been due to the brilliance and efficacy of the touch screens as applied to these particular form factors and the ability to directly engage with content and the interface by intuitive finger swiping actions as against other more traditional means such as the keyboard, mouse of stylus is demonstrably better. Set against this ergonomic efficacy, of course, are a couple of trade-offs that consumers seem content to put up with. Both centre on the ubiquitous shiny, highly reflective screens that mean using such devices under bright lighting conditions - as on a sunny day, for instance - is near impossible and, to compound matters, the…
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