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ram_head__mono1800 Drawing of ram's head - Clive Hilton seahorse  seahorse_green1600 img_20160801_101505769 octopus wp_20160611_23_48_10_pro abstractfish_1600

More coloured sketchbook pencil and ink drawings. Some are a bit more literally-representative than others, but each was done with a slightly different outcome in mind. At some level I wanted to render the images with a sense of realism in terms of the play of light, shadow and texture but at another level I was concerned with their aesthetic portrayal as symbols or icons. For instance, with the seahorse, I wanted it to look like a seahorse, but I wanted the scale of it to be ambiguous and so I imagined what a seahorse would be like if it had an armoured hide in the manner of a rhinoceros. With the octopus, I wanted to convey its ability to contort itself into knots, and with the weird robot-fish I just let the pencil wander around until the bio-mechanical form eventually emerged. As for the ram’s head, well, more than any of the others, I wanted this one to be ‘realistic’ but more in the sense of a tattoo than, say, a photograph. It might look ‘real’ but it’s actually still only a constructed symbol.