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This video is one of a series of six that I’ve been involved with as author in a project with the Open University to create a series of six two-minute videos for free access on the Open Learn website. The videos take a light-hearted approach to explain some of the key movements in design history: Gothic Revival, Arts & Crafts, The Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design, and Post-Modernism.

There’s also an overarching narrative that quietly demonstrates that until recent times designers and design thinkers were absolutely central to shaping and influending societal attitudes, economies, cultural values, morals and models of consumption.Perhaps the time has come for designers once again to speak up and act as influential forces for change!

To round things off, there’s also a short quiz (6 questions) that will scientifically [ahem!] determine your innate design type.

As with any project of this nature, it has been very much a team effort. In no particular order: Matthew Culnane, Peter Lloyd ( both OU); creative and realisation: Thought Den, Bristol

The full series can be found on the Open Learn website here: