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vector drawing - rainbow trout

It’s been a while since I did any vector drawings; indeed, it’s been rather too long since I did any meaningful drawings at all. What I did manage to do on a number of occasions this past year is to indulge in a little fly fishing which I found to be incredibly relaxing and good for allowing the mind to wander and wind down. Given the many long hours when nothing much was happening and the fish weren’t showing any interest in my efforts, I came to imagining what it must be like  to see what they were up to as I worked to cast an assortment of flies in their general direction. This drawing is a consequence of that imagining.

As with my earlier vector work (click on the vector or drawing tags to see others), I’m still trying to develop a loose, free style that tries to break free from the traditional hard-edged vector look.

Click on image or here for larger version.


  • Clive

    Thank you, J. You’re dead right about the graphics tablet; I have tried this sort of thing using a conventional mouse but the results weren’t great and inevitably looked forced. And no, I haven’t read JR Hartley’s book, though now you’ve mentioned it I suspect I’ll be paying a visit to Amazon…

  • Jeremy A

    Very nice drawing, though I presume it would be really difficult to achieve such a loose feel if you didn’t have a graphics tablet.

    BTW, have you ever read JR Hartley’s book?

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