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Handy things; hands. Blooming difficult to draw too. I’ve been fascinated by hands, it seems to me, forever. The mastery of the hand-mind-eye relationship and its capacity to deliver near-miraculous material outcomes is undoubtedly a contributory factor in our evolutionary intellectual advancement as a species. I love the complexity of shadow, form, line and tone that hands offer as a subject – they are a real challenge and trying to capture something of their essence is – for me, at least, – a challenge I’ve never found easy. These seemingly swiftly produced drawings were an attempt to render something of the character and personality of my own hands. My frankly rusty drawing skills haven’t made the task easy and it’s clear to me that I’m a long way short of past levels of drawing ‘fitness’. Yet further proof that any skill needs to maintained, nurtured, practiced and developed. Fail to do that and it will assuredly wither. I’m very much alive to that danger and I really must find a way to draw more regularly.

Vector drawings of hands