Old man and fiddle

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playing a violin - Clive Hilton

Not only is this the earliest painting I ever did on a musical theme, this also happens to be one of the earliest surviving paintings I ever did, full stop. As is obvious, it was based on a photograph (black and white if I recall correctly) though now I couldn’t say where I found it, but I did it as a challenge as I was trying to teach myself how to paint at the time. It was done in acrylics on a canvas-textured paper. I liked working with acrylics because it suited my need to work fast and is very forgiving of mistakes. I do remember trying to get a bit of a dramatic lighting aspect into the picture as I was struck by the old boy’s joyful smile and I wanted the eye to be drawn to this.  I am mildly stunned to note that this was done nearly thirty years ago. Where the hell did the time go…?