Rare return to vectors

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I haven’t quite given up on ever drawing meaningfully again. Jeez, when’s there ever the time these days. Anyway, I stayed up way too late to do this and as usual, once I started I couldn’t stop. I struggled with the eyes on this one – couldn’t get them to track correctly. Actually, this was not made easier because when I get tired my right eye goes a bit cross-eyed and I had to work really hard to make it behave. It’s not that I mind drawing my cross-eyed state as such, it’s more that it just ends up looking like I couldn’t get the gaze right! As usual, click on image to load bigger version.

Vector drawing - Clive Hilton

This version (below) has had a bit of noise added to it to see if it provides a textural quality that might further soften the tendency for vector shapes to be somewhat clinically precise at their boundaries.