Alien objects

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LOLA: Alien Object Analysis on Prezi   A critical & creative thinking activity Essentially, a version of a traditional design object analysis activity, this is a creative exercise that introduces students to the idea that all objects can convey meanings; meanings which can be clear, obscure, shifting, ephemeral, long-lasting, trivial, profound, widely understood, narrowly received, lost - and more. The activity can be run with any number of variations, but the one presented here is set against some dystopian future in which all the inhabitants of planet Earth have abandoned it, leaving behind only their manufactured artifacts. At some time subsequent, an alien civilisation finds abandoned world and sends down a landing party to explore. The biggest puzzle they face is trying to make sense of the objects they find…
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Design = research

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The role of research is vital in any meaningful design effort. Design students can be either confused or indifferent to the demands of and requirements for research. Even for those who recognise the value of research the problem often comes at the point when it becomes necessary to make sense of all the information that's been gathered. This short Prezi provides a simple overview of how data can be used and interpreted. It includes invented data for illustrative purposes as well as genuine examples of data interpretation as well as a YouTube clip from students who've undergone a research process. The overriding lesson is that research should justify, substantiate and inform the design process.
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Think Critical

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So often, the hard part about teaching - and indeed, learning - is to get a basic understanding of the subject under scrutiny. Once an underlying foundation of understanding is established then the processes of consolidation and expansion of knowledge and understanding can happen. The ability to explain complex issues with simplicity is often a surprisingly difficult task. Bridge8, an Australian 'foresight agency' were tasked with explaining the underlying principles of logical argument and critical thinking. It's intended audience were children aged 8 - 10, but it's also great for grown-ups too! As an example of clear, effective and engaging creative thought in its own right, these short video clips are glittering diamonds; Critical thinking animations Click for more information on Bridge8
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Critical v creative

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This Prezi is serves as a brief introduction to the differences between critical and creative thinking and was created as part of the course material for tutorial sessions delivered to Industrial Design students at Coventry University. Some of the notes are based on an article by Robert Harris, An Introduction to Creative Thinking, 1998. I've been unable to attribute most of the images as I no longer have those details, so in the event that the an originator takes offense at their use in this educational contact, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will withdraw any offending image at once. I am, of course, delighted to acknowledge the originators should anyone be able to identify themselves as such. Acknowledgements: EyeClops Night Vision Goggles - -…
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